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Lenny Lemmon and the Invincible Rat

Authored by Ben Davis
Illustrated by James Lancett
Published by Nosy Crow Ltd

Lenny Lemmon is looking forward to taking part in an ‘Olden Day’ in school, as he has brought in something very special to share, but will the day turn out as he has planned?

Lenny is a member of Class 5B, in Year Five, with Ms Bottley as his teacher. The other Year 5, class 5A are the ones that always win everything, like sports days or competitions. But Lenny has a plan to win the very special prize on offer during the Olden Days School, that all of Year 5 are taking part in. Everyone has had to bring in something old to share during the day. Lenny has been up since very early making sure that he has brought in the very best object of all. However, a rat that Lenny found at back of a bin may not be the prize-winning object that he thinks it is. This rat is very strong, perhaps even invincible…and certainly capable of scaring the whole school. Unfortunately, Ratty escapes the box that Lenny has brought him in and what follows is a chase to try and recapture him, with all the chaos and pandemonium that that brings.

Lenny Lemmon and the Invincible Rat is a great read aloud adventure for KS1 classrooms, as well as a good book to encourage independent readers. The format includes lots of illustrations which will really engage the reader and adds to the overall fun of the narrative. I would recommend this as a great addition to a class book corner…as long as you don’t have musophobia!