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Little Light

Authored by Coral Rumble
Illustrated by Shih-Yu Lin
Published by Troika

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Little Light: Ava has a lot of challenges in her life but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Little Light is a unique and touching story told in poetry form. It follows the trials and heartaches of young Ava who has to navigate a world of living in a cramped run down space with her mum and twin siblings, abandoned by her father. School bullies enjoy tormenting her and life is hard, however, relief  comes in the form of Tracker, a stray dog, and the kindness of strangers.

This book is well written, evokes strong emotions and reflects the situations that a lot of children find themselves in. It spans the main character’s journey from the end of primary to high school and the worries of what that entails. The narrative is told through different poetic forms which moves the story along with energy, creating vivid images.

Whilst this book is highly recommended, it is important to note that it does deal with themes of abuse and abandonment and at times is upsetting. It is imperative that it is read before recommending it to children. It could be read by year 6 and above, though for key stage 2 and 3 it is suggested that it’s more given as an individual suggestion rather than freely in the the book corner. Whilst it is an emotionally challenging read it has so much to offer in terms of PSHE, SMSC and themes of belonging, courage and kindness. It could bring comfort to those in the same situation and develop empathy and understanding in those who are not. It could additionally be used in English sessions to demonstrate the impact that poetry can have. For those who find writing narrative daunting or unenjoyable, it shows that stories can be told just as effectively through poetic form.