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Love from Alfie McPoonst – The Best Dog Ever

Authored by Dawn McNiff
Illustrated by Patricia Metola
Published by Walker Books

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Love from Alfie McPoonst – The Best Dog Ever is told through a series of letters from dog to child. This book visits the tender subject of the loss of a family pet.

The story begins with a picture of a little girl curled up on dog’s bed, sad from the death of her beloved friend Alfie. Each day Izzy receives a letter from Alfie, outlining the joys and adventures he experiences in doggy heaven. From chasing postman to eating cowpats, each note offers comfort to the child and eventually allows her to move on from her grief and remember the happy times they had together.

The illustrations by Patricia Metola are gentle and appealing with soft and muted tones; they offer a comforting backdrop to the story. They present many common doggy traits that children who have/had dogs themselves would recognise, such as the way they are lying and playing.

The sharing of Love from Alfie McPoonst – The Best Dog Ever could enable a welcome space for discussion in a subject such as PSHE. However, its use would need to be carefully considered. There is the potential for upset in regards to being shared with those who have pets that are still alive and those who are not religious and may be better visited on a one to one basis.