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Measuring Me!

Authored by Nicola Kent
Illustrated by Nicola Kent
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

Are you as tall as 10 bean tins? How tall are you compared with a tiger, or an elephant? Do you know how many different scents you can smell, or how many muscles your body holds?Measuring Me! is a book about measurement and scale for very young children – with some facts this adult did not know – but is also a celebration of what an amazing creation is the human being.

We are assured that the measurements are based on the figures for the average 5-year-old in the Western world to provide a degree of accuracy. Lots of facts and figures, presented in a way that is accessible to the target age group and an excellent starting point for a topic on measurement. There is a nod to standardised measurements in the form of inches and centimetres drawn on the endpapers and cover.

It goes further than achievable measurements such as height and weight though: a comparison between the contents of a washing line and the weight of the skin; the number of times veins would go round the world if laid end to end – fun facts in which every small child  can revels in. These form a good talking point and are consistently relatable to the small child’s world.

The illustrations convey the joy and enthusiasm that can be found in a mathematical investigation, and this could easily be linked more widely to a topic on ourselves. The chart included at the back of the book facilitates an interactive engagement with the text for the individual child and would readily translate to class-produced displays using not only tins but other handy objects around the school before developing into a wider investigation into the body. If I add that the reception teacher at my school fell on Measuring Me! with great glee, I think no further recommendation is needed for its addition to the early years library!