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Mr Chicken Arriva a Roma

Authored by Leigh Hobbs
Illustrated by Leigh Hobbs
Published by Allen and Unwin

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Mr Chicken Arriva a Roma or Mr Chicken’s adventures in Rome start when Friederika meets him on her Vespa, and she takes him around the city to see the sights and taste classic Italian food. The book ends with Mr Chicken being welcomed and eating with Frederika’s family, which ends Mr Chicken’s holiday on a high with him making new friendships before returning home.

It is a simple story, but the quirkiness of the character of Mr Chicken alongside the charm of the busy sketched style of illustrations that allows us to see into the kind of city Rome is near all the famous sights: full of tourists, lots of traffic, lots of eating places filled with people. I liked the way the endpapers frame the story with pre-holiday preparation notes and post-holiday photographs.

Mr Chicken Arriva a Roma is one of a series of books about Mr Chicken and his travels written by the 2016-17 Australian Children’s Laureate, Leigh Hobbs. If you enjoy this one, you can also find out about Mr Chicken’s travels to London, Paris and Australia.