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Much Too Busy

Authored by John Bond
Illustrated by John Bond
Published by Harper Collins Publishers Ltd

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Much Too Busy is a lesson to adults and children alike. Pigeon is ‘very very busy’ and has no time to stop and take in his surroundings. How many times have we as adults been too busy to do this?

Pigeon meets Mouse who is not busy and kindly decides to help Pigeon who has become lost. Along the way Mouse admires the little things around them but Pigeon is too busy to stop and take notice.

This story reminds us how beautiful the little things and our surroundings can be if we take the time to stop and absorb them and actually live in the moment. What shapes can we see in the clouds? Can we hear the birds singing? And hear the leaves rustling? We sometimes need to remind ourselves to enjoy with awe and wonder what we can easily miss when we are ‘too busy’.

John Bond is a visual artist and his big bold and bright illustrations support the story beautifully.

This book is suitable for ages 4+ but John Bond has perhaps also managed to make us as adults stop and enjoy the moment whenever we can.