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Mummy’s Suitcase

Authored by Pip Jones
Illustrated by Laura Hughes
Published by Faber & Faber

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Mummy’s Suitcase is a delightfully funny story in the mischievous lives of Ruby Roo and her little brother Barney: her mummy is going away for three days, so she decides to pack her suitcase for her, full of all her favourite things.

So out of the suitcase go all the useful items her mummy may need for her trip away and in go all the things that Ruby Roo thinks her mummy loves and will stop her missing everyone while she’s away. A very simple premise for the story but it is told in such a humorous way that this is a laugh out loud book for both children and adults. For example, Ruby packs an abacus into the suitcase because her mummy likes counting, ‘She counts to three all the time’, and she packs her mummy’s laptop because she’s ‘Tip-tap! Tip-tap! Every day’.

The illustrations are wonderful and bring the story to life. There is so much detail in each illustration which provides lots to talk about in addition to the storyline. They are bright, busy and very full of activity. Children and adults alike will also relate to some of the familiar family domesticity in them too. This is an essential addition to the classroom book collection for reading aloud, shared whole class storytime and for taking home for a bedtime story.

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