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Mums are Magnificent

Authored by Simon Philips
Illustrated by Dawn Lo
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

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Mums are Magnificent: Simon Philip is most definitely a family favourite. He has the ability to create highly entertaining and laugh-aloud stories, and his books have a special, accessible-to-small-hands, place on our bookshelves (my young grandson adores them).

Mums are Magnificent, a gloriously warm and gently humorous celebration of mums everywhere, is now the book that small, slightly grubby hands seek out first, and of which numerous re-readings are requested. Luckily, the beautifully lilting – yet lively – rhythms and rhymes, the quirky descriptions of equally quirky mums, accompanied by Dawn Lo’s joyful illustrations, ensure that both reader and listener share the delight of frequent readings. Although, to be fair, ‘listener’ is not quite the right description for a 2-year-old who delights in joining in with great gusto… and volume!

Mums are Magnificent is perfect as a read-aloud to any sized audience, be it in a class or at home. As is usual with Simon Philip’s works, there are laugh-aloud moments. However, it is not just an enjoyable read. His gentle yet funny, rhyming text allows the reader to consider the uniqueness, individuality, and similarities of mums. From the love and care they have for their children: to what jobs they do, from how they embarrass their children, to how they love them ‘to pieces…like only Mum can’.

Such is the quality of this book that it offers discussion opportunities to explore, relish, and appreciate the diversity, individuality, and superhero qualities of everyone’s mum.