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My Dad is a Tree

Authored by Jon Agee
Illustrated by Jon Agee
Published by Scallywag Press

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In My Dad is a Tree, acclaimed author and illustrator Jon Agee delivers a whimsical and heart-warming story that captivates both young and old readers alike. With his signature humour and delightful illustrations, Agee takes us on a unique journey that celebrates the bond between a child and their father, demonstrating that love knows no bounds.

The story starts with little Madeline…in the garden…pretending to be a tree. When Dad joins in, he finds himself home to birds, spiders, butterflies and more!

The narrative is simple and it effortlessly conveys the universal themes of love, family, and transformation. Agee’s writing style is accessible and engaging, making it an ideal read-aloud for parents and teachers, and an empowering read for early independent readers. The gentle pacing allows readers to savour each page, immersing themselves in the humorous illustrations.

One of the book’s strongest assets is Agee’s stunning artwork. The illustrations are whimsical, evoking a sense of wonder and enchantment. Each page is adorned with vibrant colours, clever details, and subtle visual cues that complement the narrative.