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My Dad is Definitely Not a Crime Lord

Authored by Ben Davis
Published by Scholastic

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My Dad is Definitely Not a Crime Lord: Life changes for the worst when Damian’s family enter a witness protection programme. His dad is a criminal and is giving evidence against people he’s involved with. The run-down council estate and small flat that is now home is vastly different from the privileged life they have led before. Damian, or Finn as he is now called, is very surprised to meet Star Boy, a costumed superhero who reveals himself to be a boy of his age called Tel. Determined to help people on the estate, Tel persuades a reluctant Damian to join forces with him, to bring down the local crime boss. Unfortunately, Damian’s dad has returned to his old ways and is now part of the problem. Although he loves him and really does not want him to go to prison, Damian knows he must do the right thing and turn him in.

In a novel filled with heart and humour, told in the first person, Damian discovers what it means to be a hero. There is a depth to the story which explores themes of masculinity, family and self-awareness with a light touch. I would recommend this for readers in Year 6 and above. It would perhaps work well as a group reader to encourage discussion around some of the issues covered, particularly around what it means to be a man, making the right lifestyle choices, and finding the courage to stand up for yourself.