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My Mummies Built a Treehouse

Authored by Gareth Peter
Illustrated by Izzy Evans
Published by Lantana Publishing

My Mummies Built a Treehouse: This picture book tells the story of a boy who has only ever wanted one thing – his very own treehouse.

Whilst other children have dreamed of skateboards, special toys or even a pet of their own, all one boy has been dreaming about is his very own escape high up in a tree in his garden. He asks his mummies and they agree, but as the boy starts to realise there is a lot of planning needed to build a treehouse. First you need to find a tree – not too tall, short, or twisty. You have to plan the treehouse and make sure you have all the right tools and materials and then the process of building the treehouse is a long one. The boy is keen to help and despite the odd accident here and there, such as snapping the wood by mistake or splashing the paint a bit too much when decorating, he knows that when it is finished, he will have his very own place in the clouds. So will the treehouse get finished and what will his friends and the boy make of his new house under the stars?

This picture book for has clear and bold illustrations which will reflect many children’s dreams of having a place of their own. It is ideal for reading aloud to a whole class, perhaps as part of a topic on homes and houses. The boy having two mummies also reflects the diversity of families within schools, but I liked the fact that it is just part of the story and that the book is about chasing your dreams and building a great treehouse.