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My Mummy Marches

Authored by Samantha Hawkins
Illustrated by Cory Reid
Published by Lantana Publishing

My Mummy Marches: ‘She marches like the beat of a terrific, giant drum. She marches ferocious and tall, like lightning burning across the open sky … She marches proud and passionate with her face lit up in the biggest smile.’

A picture book all about making a stand in what you believe in.

In My Mummy Marches, a little girl shares how her mother stands up for the world by marching, one step at a time, to support several causes in solidarity of people, animals and the environment.

The storyline is simple but impactful and inspiring. The language used by the child in this book exudes the pride she has in her mother. There is a clear message about how peaceful protests are a road to changing things for the better.

Reid’s illustrations add to this empowering message through the use of bright, dramatic and inclusive illustrations. On each page, vibrant illustrations share the message of community, supporting each other and advocating for those in need of support.

A book recommended for for parents and teachers of children in KS1 and LKS2 to make sense of current issues and protests. It’s a really lovely story for unpicking the aim of peaceful protests and for developing an understanding around free speech. It can easily be used in a guided reading session or as a whole class text, and a great introduction into personal values.

There are various areas of discussion when using this book as a vehicle for discussion:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • NHS/Teacher/Rail/Postal strikes etc.
  • Environmentalism
  • Women’s roles in society
  • Local protests

This is one book that is sure to galvanise young readers to stand up, march and make the world a better place for all its inhabitants.