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One Goose Two Moose

Authored by Kael Tudor
Illustrated by Nicola Slater
Published by Scholastic

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One Goose Two Moose is a hugely entertaining picture book portraying chaos in an ice cream queue when geese and moose get in the wrong places!

One Goose Two Moose is great fun to read. Animals are queuing for ice cream and keep joining the wrong line! Moose go in the goose line and geese join the line for moose! Simon, the goose, is exasperated trying to keep everything under control! Kael Tudor plays very cleverly with words using rhyme and repetition to great effect. There are also lovely opportunities to count and closely follow the story.

Nicola Slater’s colourful and cheerful illustrations are integral to the story. We see the animals lining up and as we look carefully, we can notice who is in the wrong line. This is an activity in which children will delight in participating. The expressions on the animals’ faces are comical and cheeky. There are also funny details such as a moose weightlifter and a cowboy goose to spot!

This is certainly a book that can be read again and again. Children will ask for the story as they will love the opportunities to participate. They can follow and predict the rhymes, count along with the narrative and spot what is happening by studying the illustrations. The pace is bouncy and the idea is great fun. There is a very amusing twist at the end!

One Goose Two Moose is ideal for reading aloud for young children of 3 years and above  but also ideal for older children to read alone or to share with each other.