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Piano Fingers

Authored by Caroline Magerl
Illustrated by Caroline Magerl
Published by Walker Books

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A unique book about a musical family.

This is a curious tale that requires more than one reading to get the real sense of the story that lies inside its pages. The main character Bea is immersed in a world where musical sounds surround her, however she is yet to find out where her own musical talents lie.

The illustrations appear to be a mixture of watercolours and pencil, carrying each part of the story to the reader, bringing forth the energy from the main character. Pictures hanging on the wall show family members with giant instruments, juxtaposed against Bea’s small frame, making her almost invisible. Perhaps portraying that until she comes into her own musically, she feels less important? Luckily for Bea, the cat ‘Maestro Gus’ is on hand to guide and inspire her, allowing the music to flow and paint pictures of the world around through the notes of the piano.

A story that could be used in the classroom to discuss talents and how each of us are unique. It would also be useful in a PSHE/SMSC session to talk about frustration and resilience, as well as looking at which people in our lives inspire and help us.