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Plastic Past, Present and Future

Authored by Eun-Ju Kim & translated by Joungmin Lee Comfort
Illustrated by Ji-Won Lee
Published by Scribble Publications


Plastic Past, Present and Future is nonfiction picturebook that covers the journey of how plastic is made to how its use can impact on the environment.

A really rich text which will surprise the reader; this is not like any nonfiction book you will have met before! Key facts are woven through a story that beautifully illustrates the life-cycle of plastic. It looks (and is) inviting to the reader with bright colours and graphic-style drawings.

This book is impressive in that it can make what might at first glance, be a mundane topic into one that is interesting and captivating. Easy to follow illustrations help readers to understand the processes related to the creation of plastic accompanied by an informative narrative. It would soon become a firm favourite in any classroom.

Plastic Past, Present and Future is suitable for primary aged children, KS1 upwards. It could be shared a general class book during storytime or as a reading for pleasure text. This would be a useful addition when teaching materials or if looking at environmental issues such as recycling and the concerns about the planet.