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Please Don’t Bite Me

Authored by Dr Nazzy Pakpour
Illustrated by Owen Davey
Published by Flying Eye Books


Please Don’t Bite Me. Dare you enter into the world of cockroaches, fleas, wasps, bedbugs and mosquitoes? The answer must be yes, especially from the safe confines of this wonderful book. Fact-filled with informative text from Dr Nazzy Pakpour and stylish illustrations from Owen Davey, it is a read not to be missed; there is so much knowledge to be gained from each turn of the page.

To begin, insects are insects when they have six legs, two eyes, two antennas and three body parts. Insects are all similar in this respect but differ in so many other ways, such as their habitats, life cycles, eating habits and physical appearance. This book provides information for budding entomologists and for anyone at the beginning of their understanding of insects and the worlds they live in.

Finding out that mosquitoes are found everywhere on earth except Iceland and Antarctica was a first for me. And then thirsty females feast on blood, whilst the males favour pollen nectar. So many interesting facts are offered. Then I turned to the section about lice. There are 50,000 kinds of lice that love to live in fur or feathers. We mustn’t only think that there is a specific type of lice that loves to live in human hair! I found that lice are very specific about where they will feed – thank goodness not all on humans! The only animals that are fortunate not to be plagued by lice are pangolins, platypuses, echidnas and cetaceans.

There is so much more to be learned from Please Don’t Bite Me, including information about wasps, fleas and bedbugs (yuck!). This book is perfect for primary school children and a much-needed addition to any library.

Longlisted for the 2024 Information Book Award Age 0-7 Category