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Potter’s Boy

Authored by Tony Mitton
Published by David Fickling Books

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Potter’s Boy by Tony Mitton is truly unique. Not only is it beautifully written, with an interesting story,  but it is clever in the way knowledge of mindfulness is imparted to the reader. This is all done in the context of interesting characters (who you can’t help but love) and an engaging story which offers much more than you would initially suspect. It offers wisdom to its readers and then takes an unexpected turn…

It’s hard to write a review for this book without giving away too much as the beauty is in the revelation, the peaceful wisdom that is imparted to the reader and the journey of life – with all of the unpredictability that brings.

It follows the story of a potter’s boy who sets out to become a fighter. Ryo is instantly likeable and, through his journey, the bond deepens. The first half of the story is filled with a sense of calm, and you feel like you are learning alongside Ryo; through his training, the reader accesses approaches to mindfulness and the subtle guidance of how to achieve well-being… Then something happens which alters the tone and pace of the book. It is unsettling but necessary to show how hard it is to do the right thing in times of adversity.

Although set in the past, this is thoroughly relevant to children today and will both entertain and help them. This would be a great book to give children as they transition from primary to secondary school or as a book to study in transitional weeks – however, it could be read and enjoyed at any time.

I highly recommend Potter’s Boy to children in the upper junior years.