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Punk Rocker Poodle

Authored by Laura Dockrill
Illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat
Published by Faber and Faber

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As a former punk myself, I appreciated the angst that Punk Rocker Poodle is experiencing. It is NOT a good day, and from the moment the alarm clock goes off, Punk Rocker Poodle is in a bad mood. All they want to do is to stay at home, and they make it abundantly clear that nothing else is going to be acceptable. From eating breakfast to going out, being made to eat lunch, playing, having a bath and getting ready for bedtime, Punk Rocker Poodle is NOT going to comply. Until they decide that maybe a cuddle, a scratch, some hot milk and being cosy would be quite nice. Of course, once it is tomorrow morning again, Punk Rocker Poodle doesn’t want to do anything they are asked to do – again.

Laura Dockrill’s text marries beautifully with Sandhya Prabhat’s illustrations. Each page is a joy to look at, with the text popping out of the page. It is written in the style of a rap poem and cries out to be read aloud and performed. The rhythms and rhymes would be so enjoyable to join in with. From all the words in capitals, getting bigger and then smaller, it would be a great opportunity to think about how loud Punk Rocker Poodle should be saying the words – if not shouting them! The repetition and cheeky words will make this a favourite bedtime story. As well as the main illustrations throughout the book, the endpapers are great fun to look at. Children would love to compare the front endpapers with the back endpapers – why are the pictures different? What has changed?

This book is funny, joyful and portrays exactly how frustrating it is to be a toddler. Many children will see themselves as Punk Rocker Poodle, having a complete meltdown but then craving the comfort of a cuddle and the bedtime routine. A must have for a toddler’s bedtime repertoire, but one also that I know older children will enjoy joining in with the rhyming text and repeating the words of Punk Rocker Poodle. All together now:  ‘OI.OI.OI.OI. YOU.YOU.YOU. OI.YOU. OI. YOU. YOU.YOU.YOU.’