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Rosa Draws

Authored by Jordan Wray
Illustrated by Jordan Wray
Published by Aurum Press

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Rosa Draws is a brilliant book! I chuckled all the way through. There’s a Spike Milligan playing with words magical feel about it. I love the creation of bizarre characters interacting with characters they’d never normally encounter, the ‘plum-tastic moose’ having tea with a ‘la-dee’dah goose’!

I can see classrooms all around the country now having so much fun bringing these characters to life. Not only that, but I can also see children and adults coming to life with the journey into Rosa’s creative mind, which is unrestricted, un-judged and a fun place to be! Young readers (and older ones) will enjoy the rhythmic and rhyming nature of the language.

The story takes the reader on a fantastical ride through Rosa’s imagination they meet a purple moose, a very posh goose, a peacock wearing socks and a super-speedy fox! Rosa loves to imagine and she really loves to draw. But as her drawings grow and grow they begin to get her into a lot of trouble.

The story is told with playful text and inventive characters.  There is a positive message and a heart-warming final twist that will resonate with children and parents alike.

Rosa Draws follows a sequence starting with her friendly, fuzzy black cat—each part of the sequence providing lots to explore and question as the reader. Rosa’s mum is pretty cool too! It is the ideal vehicle for encouraging creativity and exploration in any child who’s ever picked up a pen or pencil in the same way as Alex Willmore’s The Great Paint. It would also sit nicely alongside Lou Kenzler and Julia Woolf’s Calm Down Zebra, another story bursting with creativity.

An absolute definite for any early years or infant classroom. It’s so much fun to read and is sure to get everybody reaching for a paintbrush!