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Rudy and the Secret Sleepskater

Authored by Paul Westmoreland
Illustrated by George Ermos
Published by Oxford University Press

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Rudy and the Secret Sleepskater: This is the latest book in the series which follows the adventures of Rudy the werewolf and his two best friends – Femi the mummy and Edie the ghost.

Rudy is really looking forward to his first sleep over at Femi’s house. But things are very different at Femi’s to how they are at Rudy’s house. Femi’s family eat very different food and do things that Rudy finds very strange and he can’t seem to get the hang of the computer game he has been desperate to try. As he goes to bed, Rudy just wants to go home and be back with his wolf cub. To make matters worse it is a full moon and so in the middle of the night, Rudy sneaks out onto the roof for a good howl. What Rudy doesn’t know it that Femi sleepwalks. The window is left open by accident and Femi leaves the house and begins to sleepwalk which quickly turns into sleepskating! Can his friends find him and guide him back to his own house before it is too late?

This is a great book for newly independent readers who want the thrill of an adventure where the action is fast moving. The combination of the narrative and the illustrations help to support the reader and enable then to follow the story easily. I liked the way the illustrator has used a very limited colour palette, which added to the spooky feel of the characters. This would be a great addition to a class bookshelf and explores themes such as friendship, families and sleepovers. Explore the ‘power of the pack!’