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Saving Mr Hoot

Authored by Helen Stephens
Illustrated by Helen Stephens
Published by Scholastic

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Saving Mr Hoot: Nobody else seems to hear the owl that lives in the tree outside Ben’s house. Ben hears him hooting every night and hoots right back to him. Ben calls him ‘Mr Hoot’ and keeps trying to get his grown-ups to see him or hear his nightly calls. But it’s only Ben who seems to know he is even there.

When Ben realises there is a plan to chop down the tree, he becomes very worried indeed. He can’t stop thinking about what it would mean for Mr Hoot and everything else that lives in that old tree. Ben knows that he must do something about it.

The power of our youngest children in the protection of our natural environment is a fundamental message in this lovely picture book. It opens up the possibility of discussions around the plants and animals that live right outside our doors and encourages thinking about what would happen if they were no longer there. It is also a great way of showing children how they can make a difference.

The illustrations are warm and comforting. Children will be able to see themselves and their family lives within these images, making it accessible and relevant to their realities. This could then further encourage the activist in even our youngest of readers.

This would make an excellent read aloud book for KS1 with plenty of scope for a range of follow on activities. Additionally, I can see this being a lovely bedtime story for families to share at home.