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Selfies With Komodos

Authored by Brian Moses
Illustrated by Ed Boxall
Published by Otter-Barry Books

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Selfies With Komodos: Poetry is so personal and the same poem can be read by two different people and evoke a completely different reaction in each. And sometimes a person can read the same poem twice at different times and have an alternative reaction to it. Selfies With Komodos is a great little book of new poems from the well-known poet Brian Moses. There are poems about dogs and cats, mythical creatures, journeys on night trains and vampire facials- a very eclectic mix, but one that works around a collective theme of ‘imagination’. There are some to make you laugh out loud right through to ones that make you think of themes such as impermanence.

The poems beg to be performed, or read aloud at the very least; there is a rhythm and unexpected rhyme that make them both pleasing to recite, and to listen to (although I also enjoyed reading them to myself). Aimed primarily at junior children, this collection is accessible to those who find longer texts a challenge, those who ‘don’t like’ poetry and also those children who have developed a grasp of word play – they will appreciate the little notes of playful language-use that are sprinkled through this collection.

Ed Boxall’s quirky, fun black and white line drawings complement perfectly Brian’s poems. My favourite? Too many to choose from but ‘Words’ was thought provoking about how we speak to each other, ‘Custodian’ with its theme of looking after nature, the poignant ‘Nobody Told the Dog’, and of course ‘The Sea’s Ghosts’ which made the hairs on my arms rise! A book to be read and re-read. Enjoy!