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Silver Linings

Authored by Fiona Woodcock
Illustrated by Fiona Woodcock
Published by Greenwillow Books

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Silver Linings is a story about friendship and a celebration of those who see the best in every situation.

Pip and Parker are best friends, content in each other’s company. From the start of the story, things are not going well for Pip; even the fun activities haven’t turned out as expected. Thankfully, Parker knows how to turn the mistakes into triumphs. Later in the story, when Parker makes a mistake of his own, will Pip be able to find a silver lining?

The illustrations are beautiful and the style reassuring, with pictures and text that work together in unison. The use of soft shades of blue and red reflect the mixed emotions experienced by the children and there are drops of yellow throughout, to signify hope. The characters emotions are communicated through their facial expressions and I like the way that Pip and Parker are always positioned at the same level – side by side, further emphasising their strong friendship. The book has been designed with an equal balance of text and illustration, making it a lovely text to read aloud. Cleverly, there are some spreads (including the end papers) where the pictures take over the story telling. Like the friendship – they are in unison with each other and words are not necessary. Not only does this slow the story down but it will allow children to empathise with the characters and immerse themselves in their world, whilst making comparisons with their own.

I felt a sense of calm when reading this book – brought about by both the language and the pictures. Silver Linings will make for a great teaching tool, as the language and events will be familiar to many children, especially those who suffer from anxiety or worries. Alternatively – there’s no better way than to end the day with this heart-warming story about friendship, hope and not giving up.