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Sometimes I’m a Baby Bear, Sometimes I’m a Snail

Authored by Moira Butterfield
Illustrated by Gwen Millward
Published by Welbeck Publishing Group

Sometimes I’m a Baby Bear, Sometimes I’m a Snail is a story which attributes the ever-changing feelings experienced by children to animals and gives them tools for dealing with everyday emotions and situations that they might find difficult to articulate.

Sometimes children feel like being a playful puppy, feel scared like a tiny mouse, feel fearless like a lion or need space like a ‘no hug’ bird. Sometimes they can’t express why they are feeling the way they are and this can lead to frustration. Sharing this book with children will give them a way to compare the way they feel with the behaviour of familiar animals. They can act out those feelings (which will be positive and negative) but at the same time talk about how it is ok to have multiple feelings over the course of a day. The poetic text is minimal and the beautiful illustrations mirror the text so well that even if young children can’t read the words the pictures show how the characters are feeling.

It is important to encourage children to talk about how they feel from a young age and Sometimes I’m a Baby Bear, Sometimes I’m a Snail will certainly enable these discussions. It will make for a fun read aloud but also a book that children will want to pick up and look at with their friends. There are notes included at the end of the book which explain how the book can be used.