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Squishy Mcfluff’s Camping Adventure

Authored by Pip Jones
Illustrated by Ella Okstad
Published by Faber & Faber

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Squishy McFluff’s Camping Adventure is a tale of friendship, mischief and fun on a camping trip.

Ava and her dad are off on a camping trip and Squishy Mcfluff, Ava’s invisible cat, is going along for the ride. Once they arrive, Ava meets Idris and his dog Farida. Despite Idris’ attempts at friendship, Ava is suspicious and challenges Idris to a den-making competition. Initially suspicious and competitive, they unite to fight off a dangerous animal and end up being good friends.

The illustrations by Ella Okstad are colourful and really add depth to the story. I particularly enjoyed the final scene of the campsite being rained on but dad still persevering with the barbecue.

This is an easy-to-read tale of friendship that is suitable for younger independent readers. Fans of Pip Jones will recognise the rhythm and rhyme of this text which makes it an excellent story to read aloud to children too.