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Storm Goliath

Authored by James Sellick
Illustrated by Craig Shuttlewood
Published by New Frontier Publishing

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Storm Goliath: Goliath has a storm brewing inside him and he is quick to let it escape, often ending in a tantrum, a huff and a puff, scaring those who share the forest. He is angry all the time, and he can’t always seem to control those outbursts.

One particularly ‘hangry’ day, Goliath’s anger turns to ‘sanger’ as he destroys young Marvin’s birthday party by smashing the cake, shouting loudly and chewing up the birthday hat. When Goliath is challenged by a cheeky, copycat parrot, he soon learns the errors of his temper.
Heading back to his hammock, he has time to think the events of his day through and make a plan.

Young children cannot always verbalise their emotions and can likely relate to Goliath at different times in their own lives, perhaps from frustration, tiredness or hunger. Seeing Goliath show remorse is a powerful empathy-building tool. Though we may feel anger, it is important to learn techniques and strategies to calm ourselves down. The same can be said for sadness, jealousy or fear. By knowing these emotions, we can develop ways to help ourselves and our children to understand and cope when the emotions find their way to the surface.

This Dealing with Feeling series is vital for children learning more about themselves. They can relate to the various animals and their emotions, ensuring any child can see themselves in the story. They can understand the events and situations and can utilise the strategies themselves.

Great for reading aloud to an Early Years or KS1 class or for sharing quietly with a reader, this is a series that can have a great impact on empathy building and well-being.

Read for Empathy Collection 2023

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