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Super Snail

Authored by Elys Dolan
Illustrated by Elys Dolan
Published by Hodder Children's Books

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Super Snail is about an unlikely superhero.  By day Kevin is just an ordinary slug with a tedious job, an unkind boss and never seems able to get the girl. However, by night he puts on his shell and transforms into…Super Snail.

As with any superhero, this mighty mollusc has everything a superhero is expected to have, such as a secret lair, a faithful butler and amazing gadgets including a firework jet-ski, laser-show parachute and cordless vacuum cleaner. However, he still feels that something is missing and so he seeks advice from the League of Heroes to become an even more super superhero. With their suggestions will Kevin then be able to save the day …and Susan…from the evil Laser Pigeon using his wits, his strength and ‘the power of slime?’

This is a brilliantly funny parody of the classic superhero story and will have children (and adults) of all ages laughing, as Kevin tries to impress Susan the worm and the League of Superheroes. Some pages of the book are written in a graphic novel style, and the use of the bright cartoon-like illustrations help tell the story. I loved the relationship between Kevin and Wilfred the Butler, which reminded me of the old Batman series on TV. The use of speech bubbles and text boxes are a great introduction to graphic novels, and this would appeal to all ages.

I would highly recommend this as a class read, and it would be great to look at alongside other Superhero books such as Traction Man as part of a class project. It could also be used as an introduction to the genre of graphic novels or superheroes work. I am sure it will become a firm favourite in the library or book corner. Here’s hoping for further adventures of Super Snail in the future!