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Supermouse and the Volcano of Doom

Authored by M. N. Tahl
Illustrated by Mark Chambers
Published by Little Tiger Press

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Supermouse and the Volcano of Doom is the second of Supermouse’s adventures by Tahl and Chambers, with Supermouse and the Big Cheese Robbery having been published in 2020. In this second adventure, Peter Parmesan (Supermouse’s alter-ego) finds that he is becoming overwhelmed by the crises that affect the inhabitants of Mouseopolis, and when Mount Fondue threatens to erupt, he realises that he needs help. After disappointing auditions for his newly formed League of Remarkable Rodents, Supermouse decides to ‘face the volcano of doom’ on his own. Of course, after battling the molten cheese pouring from the volcano alone, Supermouse finds himself overwhelmed until the very rodents he had rejected at audition come to his rescue, and together they save the city.

Like the first volume of Supermouse’s adventures, The Volcano of Doom makes use of playful design with peep-through pages and action flaps. The action flaps are of various sizes with some of the flaps changing whole page settings and allow the story to develop within a double page spread (rather the being reliant on the page turn). The peep-through cut-outs create moments of absence as the page is turned, inviting the reader to anticipate what will peep-through, something that is only revealed as the page with the cut-out(s) is laid flat on the page behind it. In this way, there is delayed gratification in the reader realising elements of the narrative, as they need to play with the book’s interactive features for these elements to be revealed. An interactive action-packed story for Early Years and KS1 classrooms.