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The Boy Who Failed Show and Tell

Authored by Jordan Sonnenblick
Published by Scholastic

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Jordan finds school difficult and seems to get into trouble a lot, but not in the cool way he wants to. How will he manage to navigate the choppy waters of the Fourth Grade and survive a whole year with Mrs Fisher his new teacher?

Jordan describes himself as having the worst eyesight in his grade and that along with his asthma and the fact that he has to wear orthopaedic shoes seem to make him stand out, for all the wrong reasons. Follow Jordan through his fourth-grade year as he makes friends, gets into trouble, learns to play the drums and discovers the joys of John, Paul, George and most importantly Ringo.

This book is full of the highs and lows of being at school and follows Jordan and his family through the everyday triumphs and sadness’s of family life. Although the main character is American, just like others in the genre, it is easy to relate to life for any nine-year old. It is also refreshing that this particular character, is not the usual perfect high school student or clown but written as a boy who finds things difficult and often has worries in his head. The author of this book, himself a Jordan, dedicates it to a teacher ‘for understanding that sometimes the most difficult student is the one who needs love the most’ and you do get a sense that some of it may be autobiographical in parts.

This would be a good book to have in a collection of school stories or to use to compare and contrast with similar genre books such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Tom Gates. I liked the way this was written in a very honest and realistic way. This book made me smile in some parts and in others feel sad for Jordan and his family. Overall, I would recommend adding a copy to the class bookshelf and getting to know Jordan a little bit more!