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The Boy Who Loves To Lick The Wind

Authored by Fiona Carswell
Illustrated by Yu Rong
Published by Otter-Barry Books Ltd

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The Boy Who Loves To Lick The Wind is a story about two boys who are very different and whose brains work in very different ways, yet a trip to the beach brings them together and is the start of a lovely friendship built on understanding and acceptance.

The boy next door doesn’t communicate with words, he squeaks and flaps. At the beach he stares at the water and hums to himself. He gets upset when there’s sand in his mouth and wears his ear defenders when it gets too loud. When asked if he wants to collect shells, he just stares out to sea. Noticing that the boy next door loves throwing stones, the other boy digs a moat and creates a castle of stones. Together, they throw the stones into the sea, they jump and shout, splash in the water, stick out their tongues and lick the wind, ‘It’s the best feeling in the world’.

This is a story of empathy, integration, inclusion and the importance of acceptance and understanding. It can be used in classrooms to help children recognise autistic traits whilst deepening their understanding of how we are all different but not all differences are easy to see. There is a note from the author at the back with information on Autistic Spectrum Disorder which is a valuable addition to the book as it will enable and encourage further support and understanding for adults and children alike.