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The Cartoons That Saved The World

Authored by Tom Ellen
Illustrated by Phil Corbett
Published by Chicken House

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The second book in the Tom Ellen cartoon series is a great choice for classroom bookshelves for ages 7+ and perfect for fans of Liz Pichon’s ‘Tom Gates’ series or Andrew Griffiths’ Treehouse Tales.

After Finn Morris learns that his best friend (and co-comic book creator) Isha Kapesa is moving away, he is devastated. Not long after she drops this ‘bomb’, the two friends discover a group of toons who are stranded in the real world and need to get home. Finn and Isha feel compelled to return home to Toon World. However, they soon find that they’re trapped in Toon World themselves! Whilst trying to find a way back home, and to add to their already chaotic situation, they soon learn that Toon World is in trouble, at the hands of a pair of evil toons. In this rollicking sequel to Ellen’s first instalment, Finn and Isha must help defeat the toon baddies with the help of their own cartoon characters:  Arley, Tapper and Jenny Weatherlegs and get back to the real world before time runs out.

This story explores the difficulties and challenges of friends who move away, leaving behind the familiar, and navigating the feelings that come with such changes. Phil Corbett’s illustrations match perfectly with Tom Ellen’s writing, creating a funny, ridiculous ride that celebrates friendship, loyalty, exploration of feelings and bravery. Tom Ellen’s playful use of language paired with the humour in both the writing and illustrations is sure to attract young readers and promote reading for pleasure.