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The Girl with Space in Her Heart

Authored by Lara Williamson
Published by Usborne

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The Girl with Space in Her Heart is full of empathy. It opens its heart to the reader and finds a path through tricky relationships and complex feelings.

The central character, the wonderful Mabel Mynt, is dealing with lots of changes in her life. She carries all her concerns around in her worry suitcase and looks to the stars for comfort, ‘Hearts aren’t ever supposed to break or have empty Dad-shaped spaces in them and that makes me worry. I worry about a lot of things.’

Mabel’s father has left home, her older sister, Topaz, is too bossy and her mother seems preoccupied. We accompany quirky Mabel on a heart-warming and rather entertaining journey as she tries to negotiate school matters and siblings sensitively. Her understated humour helps:

‘”You’re annoying Mabel Mynt with a ‘y’. Don’t ever speak to me again” says Dolly-Rose picking up her book and pretending to read it.

“It’s upside down”, I say, scuttling off.’

This is an excellent book to place into the hands of any Key Stage Two reader who enjoys a lead character who is on the outside. It will appeal to those who enjoy stories about friendship and family. Perfect for every school library.