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The Magic of Magnolia Moon

Authored by Edwina Wyatt
Illustrated by Katherine Quinn
Published by Walker Books

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Ten-year-old Magnolia Moon searches for magic and discovers that it is all around her in the most unexpected places. We follow her through her adventures at home and at school to make friends and to feel special.

Magnolia Moon is a gentle observant ten-year-old who is constantly seeking to find magic. Her imagination takes her on magical flights but she soon realises that she is surrounded by magic all the time. She finds magic in friendship, in tastes, in nature, in ideas and in optimism. Magnolia learns to share friendships and to offer support to those in pain. She loves her family and is kind to her baby brother, which can lead them both into mischief. Magnolia shows the reader how to be kind and look for positive things around us.

Edwina Wyatt writes of Magnolia’s experiences, painting colourful images that really appeal to the senses. The narrative helps the reader to smell the flowers, taste the food and enjoy the colours that Magnolia observes all around her. The vocabulary used is poetic and charming. Katherine Quinn’s illustrations add depth to the gentle nature of the narrative and to the visual enjoyment of the story.

This is a story that can be read by newly independent readers. It would also be a great story to listen to and would generate discussions on many aspects of a child’s life. It would be interesting to examine what other types of ‘natural magic’ children can think of after reading this story. This is a book that deserves a place in all libraries: town, school, class or home!