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The Minute Minders

Authored by Mary Murphy
Illustrated by Mary Murphy
Published by Pushkin Children's Books

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The Minute Minders is a tale of tiny people that work alongside humans. As an older reader, it reminded me of one of my old favourites as a child, The Borrowers. However, Mary Murphy’s tale of humans and tiny people working together feels fresh and new and is set to be as loved as the Borrowers to a whole new generation of readers. Stevie and her father are ‘fidders’ whose job it is to help us humans with our problems.  However, they have their work cut out for them when they try to help Sandra May, a little girl with big problems to solve!

The Minute Minders is a wonderful debut novel from Mary Murphy and is sure to become a firm favourite on primary school bookshelves. This heartwarming tale is full of humour and makes you laugh and sigh in equal measures as you follow the tales of the ‘fidders’ and their human friends. There is a theme running through the book of empathy and resilience which will make this a great book for teachers and carers to use as a starting point for discussions. There are excellent examples of how to be a good friend by checking in on people and supporting them through problems and difficulties, often just by being there. This is a powerful message for young people and Mary Murphy has wrapped this up with humour and heart!

The simple illustrations throughout the text help to bring the story to life but do not distract from the words as the tale unfolds. This will surely be a series and I cannot wait to find out what the ‘fidders’ get up to next.