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The Monkey Who Fell From The Future

Authored by Ross Welford
Published by HarperCollins Publishers

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The Monkey Who Fell From The Future is the latest adventure from Ross Welford, the bestselling author of Time Travelling With a Hamster.  Fans of Ross Welford’s futuristic dystopian worlds won’t be disappointed with this latest offering!

The book shifts from the present day to 2425 where we find a world that has been decimated by a meteor collision. Reference to infections and immunity make this very relevant for the post-Covid world. The future does not sound as bad as you might think though, with an abundance of food and free housing!

The adventure follows Thomas and his cousin Kylie, who has invented a Time Tablet to communicate with the future. It works better than anticipated! In the future, we meet Ocean Mooney and Duke Smiff who discover a 400-year-old computer. Inevitably, the two timelines collide and an adventure to save the future ensues.

Ross Welford includes a few ‘familiar yet different’ references which I found fun. For example, The Time Tablet device launches on ‘Geordie Legends Andy and Des’ Saturday night television show’ – a close reference to a popular Saturday night television show that children might recognise.

This book has some vocabulary such as ‘genuinely’ and ‘audible’ which less confident readers may find challenging. However, readers will be gripped by the story and compelled to read on to find out what happens. Sections written in ‘an accent’ are fun and help to bring the characters to life.

Confident readers in KS2 will enjoy this book but it is great for older readers too. My My 13-year-old loves Ross Welford and snatched this off me as soon as I had finished so she could read it. This would be an excellent class reader to allow less confident readers to enjoy the story and access the vocabulary.