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The Moon is a Ball

Authored by Ed Franck (Translated by David Colmer)
Illustrated by The Tjong-Khing
Published by Gecko Press

The Moon is a Ball is a book of nine thoughtful stories that explore friendship. Squirrel and Panda embark on a series of adventures and conversations learning what it means to be a good friend.

Each story follows an adventure and the experiences of the two friends, examining a range of aspects of friendship. They talk, argue, compromise and support each other throughout. The stories examine feelings and how behaviour can affect a friend. Ed Franck’s narrative is thoughtful and insightful. Some passages are very charming to read and the stories can be seen as fables.

The Moon is a Ball is a very pleasing book to hold. The Tjong-Khing’s illustrations are delightful and compliment the elements of friendship presented in the stories. The quality of the paper and the presentation of the book as a whole make it a pleasure to read.

This is a book that can be shared by many. It is most suited to children of about 6 years and older. Each story provides many opportunities for discussion. A variety of aspects of friendship such as: sharing, being alone, caring, supporting, being curious, loneliness, having fun, problem solving and forgiving, are found within the tales. Stories can be read aloud to children providing stimuli for further group or single activities. Children can read stories together and explore their own understandings of friendship. The stories can be read in any order and children will enjoy looking at the accompanying illustrations. Some of these stories could be used for group assemblies as valuable PSHE opportunities are provided.