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The Nicest Girl

Authored by Sophie Jo
Published by Uclan Publishing

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The Nicest Girl: Sixth-former Anna Campbell is the go-to girl when anyone needs anything. Teachers, friends, random strangers…it never occurred to her that she could say no. After all, Anna Campbell’s always been too ‘nice’ to say no. But Anna is sick of being that girl, the nice girl, and she’s going to do something about it. Only, is she prepared to risk losing everything she cares about – even herself – along the way?

The Nicest Girl is a sensitive exploration of the potentially difficult friendship and life issues that can be encountered by teens and young adults. Anna is that ever-present solid friend to whom anyone in a crisis would turn: she is always there for her friends, rain or shine, day and night. She is especially supportive of Marls whose life seems to lurch from one crisis to another: usually a crisis of her own making.

Sophie Jo deftly probes the crux of friendship issues whilst still maintaining the dignity of her characters. She has created believable and very likable characters. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a ‘cool’ and emotionally astute drummer or have a close friend who challenges social injustices?

This is a book that most teen readers would be able to relate to and enjoy, while also learning how to approach issues they might encounter.