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The Night Flower

Authored by Lara Hawthorne
Illustrated by Lara Hawthorn
Published by Big Picture Press

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The Night Flower is an ode to the saguaro, an incredible cactus native to desert regions in North America and Mexico.

Featuring a quirky, modern style of illustrations by the highly talented Lara Hawthorn accompanied by rhyming couplets, this book charts a saguaro-centred day in the desert. The story begins as the sun rises and follows a full day and night.

What stands out in this book is the portrayal of the vibrancy of desert life. The illustrations feature a wide range of birds, insects and other creatures, all of which are referred to in a double-page post spread at the end of the book. These images are well complimented by the lyrical writing, which unobtrusively ties a narrative across the pages.

The rhyming text makes The Night Flower brilliant for an infant class read and the inclusion of several desert dwelling creatures means it could act as an inspiring hook for a topic on deserts. It is well worth taking a further look at the saguaro for its own sake – a fascinating plant which is certainly worthy of such a beautiful picturebook.

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