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The Nowhere Thief

Authored by Alice M. Ross
Published by Nosy Crow Ltd

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The Nowhere Thief: Elsbeth has a very special power; she is able to move between universes, but what will she do with this power?

Elsbeth lives a quiet life, close to the sea, with her Mum who runs an antique shop for tourists. But business is slow and the rent overdue; there seems to be no way out. However, Elsbeth has the power to move through openings into other somewheres, some of which are very similar to her own universe and some which are very different. To help pay the rent, Elsbeth starts to take things from these multiverses and brings them back to sell in the antiques shop. She thinks she is doing this unnoticed until one day she is joined by Idris who has been watching her for a while. He can also move between the Spheres but unlike Elsbeth can’t carry things back. Idris wants Elsbeth to teach him how to be a carrier. But unknown to them, others have also been watching them. It seems that together Elsbeth and Idris have an even more unique gift that everyone wants for themselves. Follow their exciting adventures as they cross the kaleidoscope and find out about friendship, family and how important it is to find your true home.

This is an unusual adventure story that will capture the imagination of upper KS2 readers. The multiverse aspect will appeal to readers and there is excitement and peril which move the narrative along quickly. I would recommend as a read aloud to a class or part of the class bookshelf adventure collection. It is fast paced but gives time to explore family relationships and the complications that having special powers bring. I really enjoyed reading this book, which reminded me of current films such as Everything Everywhere All at Once and I would highly recommend.