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The Story Of Flight

Authored by Jakob Whitfield
Illustrated by Us Now
Published by Wren and Rook

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The Story of Flight provides an overview of the fascinating history of aviation throughout the past 200 years. Each double-page spread focuses on a different aspect, beginning with ballooning and airships, and continuing right through to modern-day global air travel. There are several interesting diversions along the way, including information about the anatomy of an aeroplane with an explanation of the forces required to keep it in the air, and an account of a journey made through the baggage handling system by a piece of luggage. The book also touches upon the possible future of flying, taking into account its significant detrimental impact on the environment. Short sections about the role of planes during the First and Second World Wars offer some wider context, with the glossary and the timeline at the end providing useful extra information.

The hardback’s bright yellow front cover is immediately striking and will make it stand out on any bookshelf. Created by the Us Now collective, the illustrations of the various airships, planes and rockets throughout its pages are detailed and visually captivating and demonstrate how much technology has developed over the past few decades.

The Story of Flight would be very successful in a lower junior classroom as it provides a broad overview of many significant events and developments (e.g. the first female pilot, the first African American pilot and the evolving role of the cabin crew). The basic facts and details are provided, and would hopefully whet an enthusiastic pupil’s appetite for more in-depth reading. For a class introduction to a topic about flight or aeroplanes, The Story of Flight is a wonderful resource. The first book in the series, The Story of the Car, is already available, with The Story of Space Travel following later in the year.