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The Terror of Hilltop House

Authored by Dan Smith
Illustrated by Chris King
Published by Barrington Stoke

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The Terror of Hilltop House: There’s something going on at Hilltop and it’s certainly not normal. Join Pete, Krish and Nancy to find out what’s happening in this gripping read.

Three friends who are into all things paranormal come across a mystery in their own village. Sheep are turning up looking like they’ve melted and no one is explaining anything. The curious trio are determined to find out and unravel the suspicious goings on at a new research farm, which is supposed to be developing new biofuel.

This book has a good balance of tension, mild horror and excitement that will enthral readers. Well written and fast paced stopping at the end of each chapter is tricky as the desire to read on is strong due to cliff hangers. The illustrations are included at pivotal moments and encapsulate the story well. With a good range of characters, children will be able to see themselves in the text, Pete, for example, is a carer for his mother.

Best suited for Upper KS2 and KS3, this would be a very popular read for those who enjoy science-fiction, mysteries and thrillers. It could be a riveting class read or on the shelves of a class or school library.