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The Winter Wish

Authored by Helen Mortimer
Illustrated by Rachael Dean
Published by HarperCollins

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Words of Wonder, a family run bookshop on the edge of town, is in danger of closing. What can be done to save it? 

The Winter Wish is a seasonal picture book, full of fabulous, jewel-bright illustrations, which tells of the bookshop as a home with squashy sofas, plants and ‘jars of Dad’s homemade gingerbread on the counter’. But William, the son of the owners, is on a mission to save the business and use his creativity to produce a brilliant, eye-catching window display.

The cynic in me had hoped for an oblique reference to the evils of online book shopping. Instead, we have a generous sprinkling of seasonal wonder alongside some double-paged spreads of the landscapes William encounters on his magical journey. The Winter Wish is a picture book which invites the reader to pore over the illustrations and discuss the value of books. A nice addition to a school library Christmas book collection.