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Tree: Explore the Extraordinary World of Trees

Authored by Olivia Watson
Illustrated by Tjarda Borsboom
Published by Hungry Tomato Ltd

Tree is a beautifully illustrated non-fiction, fact-filled delight; a book for every primary school, library and home. The wonderful thing about this book and the series is that you will want to read this book several times and then again return to it at a later date.

Starting at the beginning with the brightly coloured endpapers, the first few pages provide the definition of a tree and what conditions trees need to thrive. Olivia Watson explains that even though some plants look like they are trees, they are not. For a tree to be a tree it must have certain features. This is an important addition for children which enables them to consider what constitutes a tree.

As the pages turn, more information is shared. For example, the importance of trees, forests and rainforests and their crucial function within the planet’s ecosystem. Did you know that there are more than 60,000 types of trees in the world? That’s a lot of trees of all different shapes and sizes. Many species have adapted with clever survival mechanisms. These adaptations are described in concise factual chunks of text. Perfect for younger readers. Clever adaptations have enabled trees to survive the harshest of environments, forest fires or to prevent them from being eaten by animals!

With each turn of a page, I acquired new knowledge, including strangely stunning facts about trees, such as the Crooked Forest in Poland, the silk cotton tree temples and the Dragon Blood Tree. I am hoping that there are more books to come in this series. For all all primary Key Stage 2 classrooms.