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Two Together

Authored by Brendan Wenzel
Illustrated by Brendan Wenzel
Published by Chronicle Books

Two Together is a beautifully illustrated tale celebrating the friendship of a cat and a dog as they journey home together.

Brendan Wenzel is a Caldecott Honour winner and his latest book Two Together is a charming story of friendship and imagination. Cat and Dog are journeying home together. On their way they cross different terrains and meet many creatures and obstacles. Brendan Wenzel’s delightful and detailed illustrations guide the reader along the journey. We see the differences in the two creatures, one has a bell and one has a bone, cat hates water and dog can’t climb trees but they travel together in friendship. They examine things together and travel together through swamps, caves and hills until they reach their home.

The story has very strong themes of companionship and caring. The word ‘together’ is repeated throughout as the creatures happily delight in their shared experiences. They meet new creatures and encounter interesting scents, they run away from a bear and travel though all kinds of weather. There is no dialogue between the two animals but the text guides the reader demonstrating their friendship and empathy.

Two Together is a lovely story to share with children. The lyrical prose makes this a story that is meant to be read aloud. The colourful illustrations are charming with humorous detail. Children will enjoy exploring each double page spread to note all the adventures of cat and dog’s journey. This is a book that children will want to read and re-read. The story can lead to discussions about friendship and how friends support each other. It’s ending can also spark discussion about home and what makes a place feel safe. Children can draw their own maps of the animals’ journey or draw their own journeys with all the details that they can remember. Two Together deserves a place in all libraries, public, school and home. It is a book to be treasured.