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Walking with Bamps

Authored by Roy Noble
Illustrated by Karl Davies
Published by Graffeg

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Walking with Bamps tells the story of a little girl Bronwen, and her weekly walks with her grandfather who she calls ‘Bamps.’ During her walks, Bamps tells her all about the Welsh countryside and passes on his wisdom about stars, sheep and seagulls, as well as giving her advice about things she is finding difficult. Sometimes not all the things that Bamps tells Bronwen are completely true; such as cows always laying down with their heads pointing North. Bronwen’s Mum says that this is when Bamps stretches the truth like elastic, but when he does this he always has a twinkle in his eye for Bronwen.

This book beautifully charts the relationship between a little girl and her grandfather and how each help each other in difficult times. The illustrations by Karl Davies help to bring alive the setting and the bond between them. Although only a very short book, the stories reminded me of the adventures I had with my grandparents and how special that bond can be and some of the stories they used to tell me about where they grew up.

Walking with Bamps would be a lovely book to read aloud to children and perhaps to share with grandparents or visits to the older local community. I am sure it would stimulate lots of similar stories for grandparents or older members of the community to share about their local area and could lead to some inter-generational writing or recording of memories in other ways.