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We Are a Circus

Authored by Nasta
Illustrated by Rosie Fencott
Published by The Emma Press

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This jaunty story follows the lines of ‘fortunately/unfortunately’ as a rainbow family tries to see joy even in adversity. Described as a ‘circus’ of two dogs and three acrobats, the family enjoys larking about on their one bike, sheltering from the rain, jumping in puddles, playing in the snow, looking forward to the spring… until they are told they have to leave their home.  Their search for a new home is rewarded in a way appropriate to a circus of acrobats.

Nasta is a writer from Greece who lives in Berlin and their story captures a sense of optimism and family love, using short sentences and speaking directly to the reader. The energy and directness of the language are matched by Rosie Fencott’s effervescent and witty images which add detail to each statement, capturing the emotion of the moment. The publisher, The Emma Press, has a mission to ‘make literature and publishing as welcoming and accessible as possible’ and provides more than books to support teachers in developing children’s love of reading and writing. It’s worth visiting the website for new ideas, and this book, suitable for children from 4 years upwards, is an example of a fresh and lively approach to publishing.

Longlisted for the Klaus Flugge Prize 2024