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We Dug Up The World

Authored by Alexandra Stewart
Illustrated by Kitty Harris
Published by Hachette Children's Group

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Time Team meets Horrible Histories in this factual exploration of the world of archaeology.
Every part of the world that we inhabit has a story to tell. Who walked before us? Who built around us? What has shaped who we are today? We Dug Up The World explores the world of archaeology in a chronological way taking us from the origins of the planet up to the unearthing of The Titanic. The book starts with the tools of the trade for an archaeologist or palaeontologist and then proceeds to explore the ways that the past can be ‘unearthed’. The book tells the story of the finds and how this has shaped our narrative as well as weaving in the technical terminology of the process without confusing the reader.

The book is a colourful, easy to navigate approach to what could be a very academic discipline. Through playful imagery, a range of different font styles as well as keeping the information relevant, the book allows for children to really explore a range of historical periods and piece together the story of previous millennia.

The book would have great use on classroom shelves for independent research as there are topics that would appeal to many. I can see it working in lots of classrooms (as it did in mine) in the middle of the table where children all gather around to find out about a specific period in time. The language in this book, although well balanced would be most suited to those in Year 4 and above. Due to the vast time period that the book covers, I would see it as general reference rather than a focus for a specific era or period. The book would give though a fantastic insight into any study of archaeology as it really brings this process to life.

For any young people who like to dig into the past, this book is a wonderful entry into our rich and sometimes well buried past.

Longlisted for the Klaus Flugge Prize 2024