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We’re Getting A Cat!

Authored by Vivian French
Illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino
Published by Walker Books

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We’re Getting A Cat! was written by someone who knows and loves cats well. You get a sense of that, with every word that the well-respected author, Vivian French, has put on the page. As a cat lover – from a distance – myself (my mum has a beautiful cat), I loved every word.

This engaging book follows a family, whose flat is infested by mice. The dad is particularly terrified of them, and he makes the popular decision to eliminate the ‘mice problem’ by getting a cat. After a visit to the cat sanctuary, the family are matched with Kevin. He looks perfect for the job, but unfortunately, Kevin is more concerned with making himself at home, than catching mice. The story follows the two daughters, as they learn how to look after their new and already well-loved family member.

The publishers describe the book as a ‘nonfiction picture book’. I enjoyed the fact that this is a fiction book, with a sprinkling of nonfiction added in. These additions are clear, concise and pertinent to any potential cat owner. The inserts also serve as a signpost, to the more ‘technical’ aspects of the story. It works very together well.

The illustrations, by Salvatore Rubbino, are refreshing, jaunty and well observed. What also struck me is that the family is dual-heritage, and this was lovely to see.

We’re Getting A Cat! is heart-warming and would be a great read-aloud for 5 – 8-year-olds. It would bring a smile to faces and may even raise a laugh or two…or more!