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We’re Going To Find The Monster!

Authored by Malorie Blackman
Illustrated by Dapo Adeola
Published by Penguin Random House Children's UK

We’re Going To Find The Monster!: Charlie and Eddie are hunting for monsters! In this energetic and enjoyable story, we dive into the imaginations of a young brother and sister who are hunting a monster. Starting in their garden, their adventure soon takes them across oceans and lakes, through jungles, past tigers, whales and wolves. The ‘monster’ is revealed to be their older brother asleep in his room, which is ‘the messiest smelliest scariest place on earth’. We discover that the tiger and hungry wolf they outwit, are a cat and a puppy, while the mountains they scaled are the stairs and the shimmering ocean they’ve driven past in their cardboard-box boat is the family’s goldfish bowl. Chased by ‘the monster’, the children rush into the kitchen where mum and dad also join in the fun.

We’re Going To Find The Monster! is a wonderful celebration of imaginative play and family which will delight children and adults alike. Dapo Adeola’s vivid and colourful illustrations bring Malorie Blackman’s brilliant words to life. The text is reminiscent of classic children’s read-aloud picture books, such as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, and provides ample opportunity for repetition, alliteration, rhyme and playing with words. Children will be delighted to join in as you read and there are lots of opportunities to create actions and make this a very active book for storytime. The descriptive vocabulary will provide an excellent stimulus to inspire children writing their own versions of the story. Charlie and Eddie draw a map which would be fantastic fun to recreate and have children draw their own versions of a map, as well as recreating their own ‘monster hunt’ at home or in school. The family dynamics will give children the chance to discuss their own family and relationships.

This is a delightful read from start to finish. The themes of imaginative play, family and relationships are represented beautifully. The language is playful and the characters’ humour and enthusiasm for their quest is infectious. Dapo Adeola and Malorie Blackman have also created a character to raise awareness for The Vitiligo Society. Charlie has vitiligo – a condition where white patches appear on the skin due to a lack of melanin – and this will provide the opportunity to discuss and understand this condition, as well as celebrating what makes us unique. We’re Going To Find The Monster! would make a wonderful storytime book but could also be the basis for planning in EYFS or Key Stage 1, particularly for English.