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When You’re Older

Authored by Sofie Laguna
Illustrated by Judy Watson
Published by Allen & Unwin

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As soon as you venture into the beautiful hard back and see how the endpapers echo some of the sentiments of Where The Wild Things Are, you know you are in for a treat. The endpaper illustrations let your eyes wander toward to the two little adventurers. Let’s turn the page.

You are greeted with a patchwork of colours that manifest in different ways as you wander through Older Brother’s imagination. However, the hope and promise of adventure is on pause because ‘Baby Brother, all you do is sleep…Mama says I have to wait until you’re older.’

Above Baby Brother and slumber, there are invitations for the reader to venture into the many worlds of adventure Older Brother has planned for them together – from bike rides through the jungles, building castles on the beach to reading books underneath starlight about dragons, crowns and swords.

Older Brother’s hopes are wondrous and profound. Through each hopeful adventure, a sense of comradery, protectiveness and awe trail. It is a beautiful story that illuminates the joys of adventures manifested through imaginative play.

This is a book that would inspire many young readers in Early Years all the way through to Year 2. The diversity of worlds lends itself to exploring the real worlds and habitats. There are lots of links that could be made to conservation as well as exploration.

A beautifully illustrated book that captures the endless possibilities that imagination manifests. The words on each page frame the endless possibilities each illustration conjures.

When You’re Older is a delight.